Norm I Belong To UNORM (FRIDAY 9:05 PM)

Norman Fua’alii Thompson Jr., or Norm, was raised in rural Laie, on the island of Oahu. He hails from a long line of local musicians and composers. Norm has outstanding vocals and strong writing ability. Some of Norm’s hits include,  “Hawaiian Born,” “Groove With Ya”, and “Party,” just to name a few.




Pati is one of Hawaii’s best known R&B singers, from his stint as lead singer with the local group DISGUYZ, to achieving star status with his hit solo CD, “Nesian”. Pati performs for sellout crowds wherever he goes – Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and the states. He had the opportunity to perform live in front of over 250,000 people, and was broadcast singing the national anthem at the Staples Center for the Los Angeles Clippers on Fox Sports 2. He has also opened for Aswad, Coolio, Krayzie Bone, Eden’s Crush, and Don Ho.


Maoli (meaning “Native” in Hawaiian), started in Maui with Glenn Awong, a then 14-year-old with a passion for music, and Kana Akiu-Corpuz. In their sophomore year, the aspiring vocalist and bassist began writing original music at the encouragement of their high school teacher. It was also during this time that Glenn started recording demos of his songs. By the time he reached his senior year, Glenn was ready to share his music with a greater audience. In 2005, Glenn and the band he formed, “No Boundaries”, won a Battle of the Bands competition on the island of Maui. With numerous performances under his belt, Glenn then formed Maoli in 2007 with a new lineup of talented musicians, including bassist, Kana.



The 5 members from Waianae, consisting of Bronson Rosa, West Mulivai, Keahi Lau, T-C and Kamu Kalauli are better known in the Hawaiian music industry as Koa’uka. It’s been years since Koa’uka released their sophomore album “Strictly Koa’uka Style” and their debut album “Tailgate Party”. They returned with their fourth recording project, titled “Instantaneous”. The band has not performed together in years but will come together to perform once more at the 3rd annual Revive The Live Music Festival at the Waikiki Shell.


Originally from Waianae, Christopher Badoyen aka Baba B, started singing at the age of 16. His main musical influences growing up was Braddah Iz and Michael Jackson. Baba B is a well known Island Reggae artist in the Hawaiian islands and have performed all over the world. He is known for his songs “All my life,” “Big Boy In Love,” and “Westside Pride.” Currently living in Las Vegas, Baba B hasn’t sang in Hawaii for some time, but he is ready to return to the islands to perform for the people.


In July of 2014, lead singer and Hawaii’s legendary voice of Natural Vibrations aka “Natty Vibes”, PeniDean Puaauli left the band who was based in San Diego, to return home to Hawaii to focus on his family, do some soul searching and replant his roots back in his home land. Missing music, he put together a new band full of fresh faces and a fresh sound. In addition to the new band, Peni reunited with another former renowned voice of Natural Vibrations, Kayton “Sly Mongoose” Macariola.


Malino began back in the 8th grade. Malino first started off with 12 members, under the guidance of Mr. Sam Ellis, the school security guard. Off campus, Mr. Ellis was a music producer and managed an up and coming group at that time called, Island Sounds. They turned out to be one of Malino’s mentors as they progressed through music. From 8th grade, they moved onto high school, and went down to five members. Kapono and Allen attended Baldwin High, while Zach, Vince and Drigo attended Maui High. They recorded their first album, “Always Be Mine” back in 2003, under Mistah Records. From then until now Malino has traveled to all of the main Hawaiian Islands, San Diego, and San Jose. Malino has done all sorts of gigs ranging from birthday parties, weddings, grand openings, to major reggae concerts. Currently, Malino now consists of four members.